Projects & Research

Celtic ArtefactsResearching for historical information in our area 

If you require assistance with local projects, or if you need extra help in your research,  I might very well be the person to help.
Sometimes searching into the past can be a difficult and time-consuming process, especially if you live some distance from the site or have no time due to other daily commitments.


Baron Hill  DSCF5584 - Copy

Local Research

Places of historical interests

Neolithic & Bronze Age Burial Chambers, Standing Stones & Circles

Early settlements Hut Circles & Hillforts

Roman occupation of Gwynedd & Anglesey & the Druids’ final stand against Julius Agricola AD60

History of the Kingdom of Gwynedd & Medieval Castles

 Celtic Warrior standing with a Carnyx tre dryw

It is important to for us to keep in touch with our heritage