History Video Gallery

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Llywelyn the Last

Dinas Dinorwic Iron Age Hillfort 

Tre’r Ceiri Iron Age Hillfort

The Druids Circle & nearby stone circles

Bryn Cader Faner circle cairn

Burial Chambers of Gwynedd

Burial Chambers of Anglesey

Castles (part 1) – Medievel Castles of Gwynedd

Castles (part 2) – Castles of Edward I

Abbeys – North & Mid Wales

RAF Llanberis Reserve Depot (Bomb Store)

Penrhyn Quarry Hospital, Bethesda

Tanysgafell Cemetery, Bethesda

Baron Hill, Beaumaris

Hut Circles (Cefn Du & Clegyr, near Llanrug)

Carnyx (Celtic War Trumpet) – with Gareth Foulkes

Please be aware that some historical sites may be situated on private land

All videos have been filmed and produced by Ardal 
Most of the images on the videos are have been kindly provided by permission.
However, there may be some images in the public domain, 
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