clegyrI would like to thank all those that have contributed and supported with this website


Karl Banholzer for historical contributions, artistic images & artefacts

Giles Bohannon (Fusion IT Services) for website advice & guidance

Dyfan Roberts for providing Welsh translations

Gareth Roberts for images, walks & talks

I would also like to give additional thanks to Gwydion Heritage, Angela Roberts & Beccy Dunne for their contribution & support

A Welsh Daffodil

Research & Information

Caernarfon Library

Archives Wales – Caernarfon Records Office

Schedule of Ancient Monuments of National Importance in Wales by CADW

CADW sites

National Trust sites

Coflein (RCAHMW)

The Modern Antiquarian

 The National Library of Wales

Geni’s genealogy database.


‘The Inventory of Ancient Monuments’  – Caernarvonshire Vol 1 East & vol II Central

‘The British Chronicles’ (vol.1)

‘Anglesey, a guide to ancient monuments on the Isle of Anglesey’ – CADW

‘On the Ruin of Britain’ – Gildas

‘The History of the Kings of Britain’ – Geoffrey of Monmouth

‘History of the Britons’ (Historia Brittonum) – Nennius

‘Hillforts of Northern Wales’ – Michael Senior

‘The Standing Stones of north-western Wales’ – Michael Senior

‘Old Caernarfon, Outside the Town Walls’ – Karl Banholzer

Britain and the End of The Roman Empire – Ken Dark

‘Walk in Ancient Wales’ – Robert Harris

‘Meini Meirionydd’ – Huw Dylan Owen & David Glyn Lewis