Projects & Research


Researching for historical information in our area 

If you require extra help in your research, or if you need assistance with local projects, I might very well be the person to help. I believe in high quality research and am able to work with you every step of the way

As a local historian, I can help those who have an interest in the past by finding information on historical events and places of historical interests in the area.

Sometimes searching into the past can be a difficult and time-consuming process, especially if you live some distance from the site or have no time due to other daily commitments.

I have access to libraries, archives & museums

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Local Research

Places of historical interests

Neolithic & Bronze Age Burial Chambers, Standing Stones & Circles

Early settlements Hut Circles & Hillforts

Roman occupation of Gwynedd & Anglesey & the Druids’ final stand against Julius Agricola AD60

History of the Kingdom of Gwynedd & Medieval Castles

 Celtic Warrior standing with a Carnyx tre dryw

 It is important to for us to keep in touch with our heritage