Historical Walks

Dolbadarn Castle (new) (3) - CopyA landscape surrounded by myth and ancient history 

I can take you on a journey through the ages – visiting ancient burial tombs, standing stones and through into the age of Celts and their hillforts. I can take you to the reputed groves of the ancient Druids and their final days in battle against the powerful Roman legions – and then forward into medieval Wales and our astounding castles.

Scattered right across Snowdonia and Anglesey are ancient burial chambers and standing stones from the Neolithic and Bronze Age periods.

Maen y Bardd burial chamber

This area is steeped with Celtic history, with the Iron Age hut circles & hillforts – if you only know where to find them! 

Dinas Emrys Hillfort

Our Roman history includes the first Roman invasion of Anglesey in 60AD led by Gaius Suetonius Paulinus, which wiped out the Druids of Mona. Other sites of interest include the Segontium Roman Fort in Caernarfon.

We have medieval castles built by King Edward 1st during his conquest of Wales and we have earlier smaller castles built by our very own Welsh princes – each with their own dramatic tale.

 Dolbadarn Castle (4)

Local Tours

Neolithic & Bronze Age Burial Chambers

Standing Stones

Stone Circles

Round Huts & Early Settlements

The Celts & Hillforts

Roman Occupation of Gwynedd & Anglesey (The Druid’s last stand)

Llanddwyn Island – the story of Santes Dwynwen

History of the Kingdom of Gwynedd

Medieval Castles of Snowdonia

Beaumaris (the town’s history, the old Gaol & Courthouse)

I have included an O/S number on all historical sites to enable everyone to locate using an O/S map

tre ceiri - Copy lighthouse - Copy beaumaris gaol

Please be aware that some historical sites may be situated on private land.
* (there may be entrance fees to some historical sites)