Stone Circles / Henges

Bryn Cader Faner

Stone Circles / Henges 

Druid Circle

The construction of stone circles began sometime during the late Neolithic and continued through into the Bronze Age. It was after 2500 BC that circles of standing stones became increasingly popular in Britain, with many stone circles erected within an existing ‘henge’. It has proven difficult to date these monuments accurately as there are no other archaeological artefacts associated with the stone circles.

The ‘Druids Circle’ above Penmaenmawr is one of many stone circles that are scattered across the landscape of Tan y Fan, it is the most well known and the best example of stone circles we have in this part of North Wales. Although it is called ‘Druids Circle’, it has no relevant connection to the ancient Druids as the stone circle predates them by a few thousand years.

Below is a list of local Stone Circles & Henges

I have included an O/S number on all historical sites to enable everyone to locate using an O/S map.
Moel Faban ring cairn (aerial)

Moel Faban ring cairns (cairns A&B aerial)

Moel Faban ring cairn A

Moel Faban ring cairn A  

Moel Faban – Bronze Age double ring cairns – Llanllechid SH637681

Ring Cairn A – upright slabs with a large encircling bank of earth and stones / Ring Cairn B – stone covered burial cairn (possible)

(There is no visible connection between these circles and are often confused with possible round huts)

Tre’r Dryw Bach – sacred circle (now destroyed, possible oval rems. of a ditch) – Brynsiencyn, Anglesey SH464671

Castell Bryngwyn – Neolithic henge / defence enclosure earthwork Multi period (Neolithic 2500-2000BC to Roman Period) – Llanidan, Anglesey SH465670

Llandygai – Neolithic ceremonial monuments and two henges (destroyed by industrial estate) – Llandygai SH594710

Carreg Lefain Cairn (Hafodlas) – ring cairn – Llanrug SH541617

Llyn Cwmffynnon Circle – stone circle – Dyffryn Mymbyr, nr Pen y Pass SH650564

Cors y Carneddau, Cefn Coch – stone circle (9 stones) – Penmaenmawr SH718746

Castell Bryngwyn – ancient henge & later defence

Druid Circle

Druid Circle

Druid Circle Circle Monument 280 Circle 275Cerrig y Pryfaid

Hafodty – Bronze Age stone circleDruid’s Circle – early Bronze Age stone circle and standing stones – Penmaenmawr SH723746

Monument 280 – Megalithic stone circle ring cairn (near Druid’s Circle) – Penmaenmawr SH722746

Circle 278 – Bronze Age ring cairn (near Druid’s Circle) – Penmaenmawr SH721746

Circle 275 “Little Druid” – late Bronze Age stone circle (5 stones) – Penmaenmawr SH725747

Red Farm Circle (Bryn Derwydd) – stone circle – Penmaenmawr SH732750

Hafodty – Bronze Age stone circle – (nr Henryd) Conwy SH747753

Cerrig Pryfaid – Bronze Age stone circle (10 stones) – (nr) Rowen SH724713

Hwyfa’r Ceirw – stone avenue alignment (possible ancient path) – Great Orme SH765840

(A 90m long avenue of two parallel lines of stones leading to a steep hollow leading down the cliff)

Hwyfa'r Ceirw stone alignment

Hwyfa’r Ceirw stone alignment

Llyn Eiddew – Bronze Age ring cairn – (nr) Talsarnau, Harlech SH646349

Bryn Cader Faner – an impressive Bronze Age cairn stone circle, with 18 jagged slabs – (nr) Talsarnau, Harlech  SH647352

Moel Ty Uchaf – Bronze Age stone circle – (43 kerb stones) – Llandrillo Denbighshire SJ05603717

Tyfos Uchaf stone circle – Bronze Age round barrow (cairn circle) – Llandrillo, Denbighshire SJ02853876

Brenig 44 stone circle – Bronze Age round barrow (ring cairn) – Llyn Brenig, Denbighshire SH983572

Brenig 51 platform cairn – Bronze Age burial cairn/ round barrow – Llyn Brenig, Denbighshire SH989566

Bryn Cader Faner Bryn Cader Faner

Moel Ty Uchaf stone circle

Moel Ty Uchaf stone circle

Tyfos cairn circle

Tyfos cairn circle, Llandrillo

Brenig 44 ring, Llyn Brenig

Brenig 44 ring, Llyn Brenig

Brenig 51 platform cairn

Brenig 51 platform cairn, Llyn Brenig

Some areas may be on private land and permission to roam may be required.
 There are public footpaths leading to most places.
Safety and care must be taken at all times, as some areas are difficult to get to due to hills and slopes that may lead away from paths.