Holyhead Mountain Hut Group

Roundhouses Settlements

By 2500 BC, the early farmers were moving into upland areas where they settled and farmed the area. Archaeological evidence suggests that roundhouses were being occupied from the Middle Bronze Age through to the golden age of circular stone roundhouse settlements during the late Bronze Age.  Stone buildings were occupied from the Iron Age through to the 5th Century AD.

Most roundhouses were gathered in clusters (also called Hut Circles), some within an enclosure, while some were loosely scattered on hillsides.

Roundhouses were circular structures usually consisting of stone built walls, or wooden posts with wattle-and-daub panels, and a having conical thatched roof. Wattle consists of panels of woven timber plastered by daub, which is a mixture of clay and straw.

The thatched roofing was usually made of water reed and was quite thick. Although they had no chimneys, smoke from the hearth was able to seep through without causing fire. The thatch was supported by a frame of heptagonal-ringed beams of timber lengths with rafters.

Archaeological experiments have ruled out the use of chimneys in roundhouses.

These are just some of those settlements mainly from the late Bronze Age, Iron Age and into the Roman period when the people of the British Isles settled and became Romano-British civilians.

Due to the vast amount of ancient settlements, I have only included  roundhouses & early settlements in the surrounding areas of  mainly North West Gwynedd and Anglesey
I have included an O/S number on all historical sites to enable everyone to locate using an O/S map.

re-imagined image of Mur y Moch - provided by Gareth Robertsroundhuts Cae Mabon

The above images gives you an idea of how roundhouses looked like


Crymlyn Oaks – Iron Age /Romano-British enclosed hut groups (field system) – Abergwyngregyn SH643714

Ffridd Ddu (A) – Romano-British enclosed settlement – Abergwyngregyn SH654717

Ffridd Ddu (B) – Iron Age hut group (multi period) – Abergwyngregyn SH651713

Cae’r Mynydd – Romano-British hut group – Abergwyngregyn SH657713

Aber Valley / Afon Rhaiadr Fawr – 3 x Romano-British hut circles – (one near the path, two others in nearby wooded area) Abergwyngregyn SH664714

Aber Valley / Afon Rhaiadr Fawr – Iron Age hut circle A (excavated site near path), Long Hut (S of excvated hut) Iron Age hut group (opposite excavated hut)(nr waterfall) Abergwyngregyn SH667703

Aber Valley / Afon Rhaiadr Fawr – Iron Age hut circle A (excavated site near path to the waterfall) Aber Valley / Afon Rhaiadr Fawr – Iron Age hut circle A (excavated site near path to the waterfall)

Rhaiadr Bach (A) – Iron Age hut circle settlement – (hills above Aber Falls) Abergwyngregyn SH667696

Rhaiadr Bach (B) – settlement (used as sheepfold) – Abergwyngregyn SH665694

Afon Goch – Iron Age enclosed hut circles – (hills above Aber Falls) Abergwyngregyn SH671696

Afon Anafon (A) – 2 Romano-British hut circles – (nr Foel Dduarth) Abergwyngregyn SH678710

Afon Anafon (B) – Romano-British hut circle – (nr Foel Dduarth) Abergwyngregyn SH684711

Bod Silin – late Bronze Age enclosed hut group (nearby field system) – Abergwyngregyn SH677722

Foel Dduarth (A) – late Bronze Age hut group – Abergwyngregyn SH677719

Foel Dduarth (B) – late Bronze Age enclosure – (modern structure inside circle) Abergwyngregyn SH680717

Foel Dduarth (B) – late Bronze Age enclosure, Aber

W of Foel Dduarth (C) – Romano–British enclosed settlement – Abergwyngregyn SH682716

W of Foel Dduarth (C) – Romano–British enclosed settlement, Aber

Hafod y Celyn – late Bronze Age hut group – Abergwyngregyn SH674714

Llanllechid area

Nant Heilyn – possible Bronze Age hut circle – (nr Crymlyn) Llanllechid SH642706 

Bronydd Isaf – enclosed circle settlements – (nr Crymlyn) Llanllechid SH63187066

Bronydd Isaf

Corbri – late Bronze Age hut circle settlement – Llanllechid SH61626874

Rhiw Goch – Iron Age / early medieval small-enclosed settlement – Llanllechid SH617693

Rhiw Coch settlement - Llanllechid

Cwm Ffrydlas – enclosed hut circle & settlements – Llanllechid SH643684 

Pant y Lladron – prehistoric huts remains – Llanlechid SH642692

Twll Pant Hiriol – Iron Age roundhouse – Llanllechid SH64176882

Twll Pant Hiriol

near Twll Pant Hiriol – Iron Age hut circle and field systems – Llanlechid SH63956888

East of Bryn Hall (near lake) – enclosed hut circles & settlement  – Llanlechid SH639692

Deserted Rural Settlement – remains of Romano British settlements  – Llanlechid SH63646907

Llefn (west slope) – prehistoric enclosed long hut – Llanlechid SH636687

Moel Faban – Iron Age enclosed hut groups (many nearby settlements) – Llanllechid SH630678

Moel Faban settlements, Llanllechid

Moel Faban hut circle Moel Faban settlement and field system

Corbri Fields (East Llanllechid settlements)  – many late Bronze Age to Iron Age enclosed hut groups, settlements & field systems – Llanllechid SH627688

Corbri Fields - enclosed settlement 262

Corbri Fields – enclosed settlement 262 (aerial)

Corbri Fields - enclosed settlement 262Corbri Fields - Enclosure 266Corbri Fields - hut circle 271Corbri Fields - hut circle 269Corbri Fields - long hut Corbri Fields - hut circle 267

(above photos are some of many the settlements of Corbri Fields, East Llanllechid)

Dyffryn Ogwen

Bryn Cegin – early Iron Age settlements (rems, now industrial est.) – Llandygai SH595710

Cororion – small Roman enclosed settlement – Felin Hen, Tregarth SH594685

Tan y Bwlch – Iron Age enclosed hut circle – Rachub SH63096838

Tan y Bwlch hut circle

Ty’n Ffridd – late Bronze Age enclosed hut settlements – Rachub SH62956815

Gallt y Mawn – Iron Age hut circle  – Gerlan, Bethesda SH643675

Parc – Iron Age hut circle – Bethesda SH638668

Tan y Garth – Iron Age enclosed settlement – Gerlan, Bethesda SH637665

Tan y Garth - enclosed settlement

Cwm Caseg – Iron Age / Romano-British – scattered hut circles & settlements – Llanllechid SH668671 

Cwm Caseg settlements / early field system Cwm Caseg – scattered hut circles & settlements

Gyrn Wigiau – Iron Age to later settlements & field system – (nr Afon Caseg) Llanllechid SH657669

Cwm Pen Llafar – 2 Iron Age hut circle settlements (with nearby settlements) – Llanllechid SH659650

Mynydd Du – Iron Age hut circles & enclosures (with nearby settlements) – Llanllechid SH650650

Ffos y Foelgraig – Iron Age hut circle – Llanllechid SH639644

Llanddeiniolen area 

Fodol Ganol – Iron Age enclosed hut group settlement (rems) – Pentir SH550685

Gors y Brithdir – Iron Age / medieval enclosed hut group (rems) – Pentir SH555688

Gerlan Hut Group – Iron Age hut circle settlement – (nr Pentir) Rhiwlas SH588669

Tynllidiart – Romano-British hut circle – Moel y Ci, Rhiwlas SH587660

Cefn y Braich – Romano-British enclosed hut settlement – Rhiwlas

Coed y Castell Settlement – Romano-British enclosed hut settlement – Rhiwlas SH568652

Coed y Castell, Llanddeiniolen

Bronnydd – late Bronze Age / Iron Age / Romano-British enclosed hut group (homestead) – Rhiwlas SH575649

Caer Mynydd (Rhiwlas Round Hut) – Romano-British enclosed hut circle (homestead) – (nr Buarth Beran) Rhiwlas SH572646

Buarth Beran – Iron Age hut circle – Rhiwlas SH569647

Cae Cerrig – Romano-British enclosed hut settlement – Deiniolen SH574642

Blaen y Cae Uchaf (Moel Rhiwen) – probable Romano-British enclosure – Deiniolen SH574641

Moel Rhiwen – Iron Age hut circles – Deiniolen SH580644

Ty Mawr (A) – enclosed hut circle – (nr Gors Bach) Llanddeiniolen SH551666

Ty Mawr (A) settlement, Llanddeiniolen

Ty Mawr (B) – enclosed settlement (unknown period) – (nr Gors Bach) Llanddeiniolen SH552667

Ty Mawr (B) settlement - Llanddeiniolen

Pen y Groes – Romano enclosed hut settlement – (nr Dinas Dinorwig) Llanddeiniolen SH548650

Cae Bach, Glascoed Ancient Village – enclosed hut settlement – (nr Dinas Dinorwig) Llanddeiniolen SH547645

Cae Bach, Glascoed Ancient Village, Llanddeiniolen

Cae Metta – Romano-British enclosed hut settlements (residents from Dinas Dinorwig) – Penisarwaun SH536650

Cae Corniog – late Bronze Age ancient encampment – (nr Dinas Mawr) Penisarwaun SH555636

Cae Corniog, Penisarwaun

Tan y Coed – Romano-British & early medieval hut groups – (nr Pont Rhythallt) Penisarwaun SH550636

Rhyd y Galen – 2 hut circles – near Aden, Bethel – SH518645 / SH514643

Cefn Mawr – Romano-British hut circles – Bethel SH5336522

Llanrug / Llanberis

Mur-y-Moch, Clegyr – Iron Age / Romano-British enclosed hut group – Llanrug SH553617

Mur y Moch, Llanrug

Pen y Bwlch (nr Mur -y-Moch) , Clegyr – Iron Age hut group settlement – Llanrug SH551615

Gallt y Celyn, Clegyr – Ancient hut settlements – Llanrug SH552614

Gallt y Celyn Gallt y Celyn 2 Hut Circle

Parc y Gleision, Cefn Du –Iron Age / Romano-British hut circles – Llanrug SH547616

Carrreglefain, Cefn Du – Iron Age / Romano-British hut circles – Llanrug SH541616

Ty’r Nawn – Iron Age hut circle – Llanberis SH571591

Yr Aelgarth – Iron Age hut circles – Llanberis SH569586

Ffridd Glyn – Iron Age hut circle – Llanberis SH560601

Ceunant Bach – Iron Age / Romano-British hut circles – Llanberis SH577587

Llanwnda / Waunfawr areas

Rhyd Menai – enclosed hut circle settlement – Caernarfon SH498649

Coed Glan yr Afon – Romano-British enclosed hut circle – (nr) Bontnewydd SH503595

Saron – Roman hut circle settlement – (nr Ty Uchaf) Llanfaglan SH464591

Bedd Gwernan –Iron Age defended enclosure (probable) – Llandwrog SH45564

Ty Uchaf – Romano-British settlement – Llanwnda SH464591

Rhedynog Felen – Iron Age enclosed hut circle – Llanwnda SH465578

Bodgarad – late Bronze Age ancient enclosed settlement – Rhostryfan SH502585

Bodgarad, Rhostryfan

Hafotty Newydd – late Bronze Age enclosed hut group – Rhostryfan SH497571

Hafotty Newydd, Rhostryfan

Hafoty Wernlas – probable Romano-British settlement – Rhostryfan SH500582

Hafodty Wernlas, Rhostryfan

Coed y Brain – Iron Age / Romano-British hut group – Rhostryfan SH493572

Coed y Brain, Rhostryfan Coed y Brain – Iron Age / Romano-British hut group

Cae’rodyn (A) – possible late Bronze Age hut circle – Rhostryfan SH497572

Cae’rodyn (B) – Romano-British hut circle – Rhostryfan SH495573

Cae'r Odyn, Rhostryfan

Cae’r Sais – Iron Age hut circle – Rhostryfan SH500572

Penyffridd – Romano-British hut circles – Rhostryfan SH501567

Tan y Rhiw – Romano-British / early medieval enclosed hut circle – Rhosgadfan SH501565

Pen y Bryn – Romano-British hut circles – (nr viewpoint) Rhosgadfan SH510585

Erw – enclosed hut circle settlements – (nr viewpoint) Rhosgadfan SH512586

Bryn Mair – Iron Age hut circle – Waunfawr SH515588

Bryn Mair, Waunfawr

Llwyn Bedw – late Bronze Age enclosed hut circle – Waunfawr SH528582

Dyffryn Nantlle areas

Llwyn y Cogau – Romano-British settlement area (earthwork)Glynllifon, Groeslon SH465550

Plas Newydd – Iron Age defensive fort (un-investigated)Glynllifon, Pontllyfni SH450541

Bryngwydion – Iron Age defended enclosure (probable / earthwork) Pontllyfni SH442535

Tyddyn Bach – Romano-British enclosed settlement – Penygroes SH476540

Llwyn Du – enclosed circular settlement (undated) – Penygroes SH479539

Pen Llwyn – Iron Age & Romano-British hut group – (nr Cilgwyn) Carmel SH485544

Bro Rhedyn – 2 Iron Age hut circles (scattered) – Y Fron SH513545

Pen Hafodlas – late Bronze Age enclosed hut circle & settlement – Talysarn SH491536

Geulan – Iron Age hut circle – Nantlle SH519539

Gelli Ffrydiau (A) –Romano-British settlements & hut circles (rems) – Nantlle SH521537

Gelli Ffrydiau (B) – Iron Age hut circle – Nantlle SH523539

Caeronwy Uchaf (A) – Romano-British enclosed settlements –Nantlle SH521543

Caeronwy Uchaf (B) – Iron Age hut group – Nantlle SH527442

Drws y Coed – late Iron Age / Romano-British settlement – (nr) Dyffryn Nantlle SH546536

Drws y Coed, Dyffryn Nantlle

Cwm Bran – Romano-British hut group settlement – Clynnog SH472482

Graeanog – Roman / Iron Age settlement – Clynnog SH458493


Mynydd y Twr – (Holyhead Mountain Hut Group) – prehistoric hut circles settlement – Holyhead SH211820

Holyhead Mountain Hut Group  Holyhead Mountain Hut Group

Ty Mawr – (Cytiau’r Gwyddelod) – Iron Age hut group – Holyhead SH213821

Ynys Leurad (Cytiau Gwyddelod) – Iron Age hut circle – Valley SH276790

Porth Dafarch (Cytiau’r Gwyddelod) – Iron Age hut group settlements (multi period) – Trearddur SH233800

Porth Dafarch (Cytiau'r Gwyddelod)

Hafod yr Rhos (Cytiau’r Gwyddelod) – hut settlement – Trearddur SH229809

Tre-Arddur – early Iron Age enclosed hut group – Trearddur SH262798

Capel Llochwydd – Iron Age enclosed hut group – Trearddur SH214828

Castellor – ancient hut settlements – Bryngwran SH335761

Din Lligwy – Iron Age & Romano-British defensive settlement – Moelfre SH495862

Din Lligwy, Ancient Village

Glan’r Afon – hut circle – (late period roundhouse) – Llangallo, Moelfre SH500854

Parc Salmon – hut group (possible later period) – Moelfre SH500861

Bwlch y Dafarn – enclosed hut settlements (multi period) – Moelfre SH492856

Bodafon Mountain – Romano-British enclosed hut group – Moelfre SH470849

Cae Marh – hut group (late period roundhouse) – Marianglas, Moelfre SH501846

Caerhoslligwy – enclosed hut group – Benllech SH489851

Bwlch – enclosed hut group – Benllech SH512816

Pant y Saer – Iron Age / Romano-British enclosed hut group – Benllech SH513824

Mariandyrys – enclosed hut settlement (multi period) – Llanddona SH596812

Buarth Cyttir – hut circle – Llanddona SH573795

Parc Dinmor – Iron Age hut group settlements – Penmon SH634812

Parc Dinmor settlements, Penmon

Penmon Settlement – hut circle settlement – Penmon SH627810

Tyddyn Sadler – enclosed hut group – Llangristiolus SH411737

Pont Sarn-Las – ancient hut circle settlement – (nr Bodowyr) Llanidan SH471678

Pont Sarn Las settlements, Brynsiencyn

Some areas may be on private land and permission to roam may be required.
 There are public footpaths leading to most places.
Safety and care must be taken at all times, as some areas are difficult to get to due to hills and slopes that may lead away from paths.